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  About Bamboo
We are honored to offer you an overview of bamboo flooring

Bamboo belongs to the Asian model, which traces its roots to the province «Wareing» China. This was at the end of the fifth century BC, when Chinese used bamboo branches in the manufacture of furniture was characterized by solid, and flourished until the industry ended up dealing with the bamboo used in flooring

Stages of the industry

Not many people know that the picture is bright with which the bamboo flooring is passed through several stages before it reaches the final form of the drying and smoothing and polishing the final product
Bamboo natural friend of the family environment and gives a sense of warmth and comfort
Where a natural product that does not have any fiber

Uses: -

Used to cover all the internal floors (Bedrooms- Living - Dining - Terraces and other Used to cover all the internal floors  such as (flooring exhibitions - boats and yachts) ... etc. In addition to its many forms and distinct

Advantages: -

 *  High resistance to all the factors of air, water and the growth of bacteria

 * Easy removal and installation and maintenance

 * Durability and quality

 * The possibility of abrasion and repainting

 * The availability of all accessories    

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